Design and Planning Stage

  • Assist the Owner and Architect/Engineer in achieving the most cost effective methods of construction for the greatest utilization of the facilities and funds.
  • Assist in the process of conducting cost analysis of the different options found to be the most feasible and workable for the Owner.
  • Review and assist in the design/development and working drawing phases of the process thereby minimizing errors or omissions in the final documents.
  • Provide cost evaluations of alternative materials and systems and advise on selection of materials, systems, equipment and methods of construction.
  • Recommend factors related to cost including materials and labor, time requirements for purchasing specialty items or equipment.


Preconstruction/Bidding Stage

  • Advise the Owner and Architect if the construction cost may exceed the projected budget and make the necessary recommendations to stay within the approved budget.
  • Assist in the preparation of the bidding documents.
  • Receive and assist in the tabulation of bids and recommend to the Owner the lowest and or best bids in each category of work
  • Provide open book approach to cost disclosure during the bidding process.
  • Develop and insure the marketing of the project to Subcontractors in order to receive adequate and quality bidders.
  • Distribute the bidding documents to bidders for the Owner to insure competitive bidding.
  • Conduct Pre-bid meetings with the Subcontractors and major suppliers of equipment and systems to familiarize them with the bidding documents and special methods of construction that will be required.
  • Prepare bid analysis and make recommendations to the Owner for the award/rejection of the bids.
  • Prepare a detailed summary of total cost of the project based upon bids received.


Contract Administration Phase

  • Administer the construction contracts as set forth in the Project Specifications.
  • Assist the Architect/Engineer in the submittal process by receiving and handling the shop drawings, product data and samples necessary for the Architect/Engineer to approve.
  • Receive and recommend payment of all pay requests and invoices to the Architect for approval by the Owner.
  • Receive certificates of insurance on each subcontractor.
  • Provide experienced construction supervision at the jobsite.
  • Insure that all work is in compliance and meets all of the conditions and specifications of the project documents.
  • Coordinate all of the work with the various trades in order to insure a consistency flow of work, maintain satisfactory job performance from each trade thereby maximizing manpower and time.
  • Conduct project meetings as per the Owner’s desire.
  • Obtain releases of liens from each subcontractor/supplier on each monthly payment.
  • Handle the final punch list and manage the one-year warranty work after completion of the project as needed.
  • Obtain operational and maintenance manuals that will include one-year warranty, final releases of liens and affidavits of all bills paid from each subcontractor.